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A Note About my Sabbatical

Seven years ago before becoming pastor here at Lourdes, I had everything arranged to take a sabbatical at a retreat center after having served in campus ministry for 10 years. With joy, I accepted the call of the Holy Spirit, to become the shepherd of this great flock! Yet , in these seven years I…

Inspiration in Light of Presidential Election

These words of encouragement come from Rev. Dr. Kirk Byron Jones by way of our revivalist and friend of Lourdes, Josslyn Luckett. 1. If your candidate was not elected, be disturbed, dismayed, and even disgusted, but choose not to be destroyed. 2. Amid the personal and social fallout, protect your soul. Take moments to rest in…

Our Election Dilemma

I greet you with Peace! As I write this I’m feeling shocked by the results of the Presidential Election on Tuesday. Many of us in the Lourdes community have felt an overwhelming sense of sadness, fear and grief.