Inspiration in Light of Presidential Election

These words of encouragement come from Rev. Dr. Kirk Byron Jones by way of our revivalist and friend of Lourdes, Josslyn Luckett.

1. If your candidate was not elected, be disturbed, dismayed, and even disgusted, but choose not to be destroyed.
2. Amid the personal and social fallout, protect your soul. Take moments to rest in the storm. Rest leads to peace. Peace leads to clarity. Clarity leads to creativity.
3. Pray for all. Prayer moistens the heart for hope and journeying on through it all.
4. As your spirit allows, face the unsettling truths surfaced by this campaign and election with fresh humility, honesty, and courage.
5. Tell our children to listen, learn, and look to participate in a democracy that is an ongoing work in process.
6. Be encouraged. Sometimes you don’t know the strength you have until you need to have it.
7. Believe that there is an Eternal Force beyond temporary feelings forever making all things new.

Kirk Byron Jones