Our Election Dilemma

Dear Lourdes Family:
I greet you with Peace! As I write this I’m feeling shocked by the results of the Presidential Election on Tuesday. Many of us in the Lourdes community have felt an overwhelming sense of sadness, fear and grief. These days have been hard and nightmarish for many of us. For some, these election results are what was hoped for. Whatever the case may be, countless questions may be swirling about in our minds: Where do we go from here as a country? What happens next? How do we in this country bridge the many divides – with race, gender, class, ethnicity, and religion to name a few?

There are no clear answers to all the questions that we have. One source of clarity will be found in our community, our communion in Jesus Christ. And at the heart of our communion in Jesus is reconciliation, healing. And Lourdes flourishes because of our belief in and commitment to the healing love of Christ that is expressed every time we gather and every time we work together to serve God’s people.

We are called to be healing agents in the world. And there’s an overwhelming amount of healing work to be done. I encourage you to hold on to God’s unchanging hands through these days and times going forward. Take time to reflect, to pray, to meditate, to be with one another, to share and to heal.

Yours in Christ’s love, Father Jeffery