One Church One Child

The One Church One Child organization was created in 1985 by Father George Clements, 

the first Catholic priest to adopt a child. The organization was built on the premise that if 
one family in every church adopted a child, no children would be waiting for permanent placements. Accordingly, the mission of One Church One Child was to recruit families to foster and adopt children through churches and faith based organizations.  At its peak, the program expanded into 30 states, including Georgia and was responsible for the adoption of 100,000 children throughout the nation.

Based on Parishioner response to a Lourdes Parish Survey conducted during July 2005, a 
Lourdes One Church One Child (OCOC) Ministry was established. The Mission of the 
One Church One Child Lourdes Ministry is to be an informational, spiritual, and practical 
assistance resource, for the recruitment, and support of families within our Community of 
Faith that are called to Foster and Adopt.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent, adopting a child, 

or ways you can lend support to families who have adopted, please see or call one of the 
One Church One Child (OCOC) Lourdes Ministry Coordinators  or Ms. Sandra Criddell, Church Secretary.
David Waters & Mary Waters
Phone: 770-740-9449