Haiti Ministry

3rd Sunday after 10 a.m. Mass

Reginald Grand-Pierre 404-309-7670

The Haiti Ministry is pleased to announce a new partnership with organization Serve HAITI.
Serve HAITI is a non-profit faith-based organization working in solidarity with the people of Grand-Bois, Haiti to achieve a better quality of life. Serve HAITI has roots in the social outreach program of Sacred Heart Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

In the late 1990s, the first delegation of volunteers traveled to Haiti. Out of the collaborative efforts of a multitude of volunteers throughout the United States and Canada, Serve HAITI was born in 2001. Serve Haiti grew out of Sacred Heart’s partnering with St. Pierre parish in Grand-Bois which facilitated the support for the parish ever since. It has not, however, provided consistent support to the St. Pierre school.

In keeping with Lourdes Haiti ministry’s commitment to education, Lourdes Haiti Ministry will focus on providing support to the St. Pierre school. The school is tied to and physically right next to the parish. The support will begin with the financial support to purchase text books and other teaching or student supplies during this first year. Also, during this first year of our partnership Lourdes Haiti ministry members will be traveling to Grand-Bois to see the work that Serve HAITI is doing first hand and determine what additional support we can provide. We will meet with Pere Beneche, pastor of St. Pierre, during the visit to Grand-Bois to get his insights on where support for the school is most needed.

Lourdes Haiti ministry invites all interested parishioners to join us for our meetings the third Sunday of every month to learn more about the work we will be doing in Grand Bois in conjunction with Serve HAITI. We would also like to thank the congregation for the continued financial support and for honoring God’s goodness by sharing your blessings with others.