The Knights of Peter Claver

The Knights of Peter Claver is the  largest predominately African American lay Catholic organization in the  United States.
The Order is named after St. Peter Claver, a Jesuit priest from Spain who ministered to African Cartegena, Colombia, South America, in the 1600s. Peter Claver is said to have converted over 300,000 slaves  to Catholicism.

It is hoped that by knowing his love for  his fellow man, we will have recourse to him for strength and endurance  in the knowledge that God loves all his creatures and truly cares for  each of them.

The mission of the Knights of Peter Claver is:

  • To support a local pastor,   parish and bishop.
  • To become active, as a group, in a Knights respective community.
  • To instill civic pride and   action.
  • To engage Knights in opportunities that will allow them to demonstrate their Catholicism.
  • To allow for social interaction   by creating gatherings that might foster a sense of community.
  • To award scholarships.
  • To develop the character of youth.
  • To provide social and intellectual stimulation for its members.

May every Knight aspire to true manhood  in all its glory!

Membership: Practicing Catholic men age 18 and older.

Activities include: scholarship program; district and national conventions; fundraising for church ministries.

2nd Sundays 1:30 p.m.
Grand Knight, Eric Francis