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Building Unity In Lourdes Development

Ambassadors of Lourdes Vision

I am excited about being part of the changing face of the community. Building on the rich history of Lourdes for the next generation of diverse Catholics presents a promising future for our parish and the potential for growth is endless.

Brian Cureau

I am excited by what this church will mean to my son and future generations to come. I am also excited about reaching the larger community around the church and sharing of our history, mission, and values.

Dawn Leaner-Hall

I am exited to be a symbol of hope for the community and part of the fabric and dynamic history of the community.

Ellie Daniels

The new church and the renovations will give expression to our vibrancy, history, faith, and culture of generations into the future.

Father Jeffery Ott

Lourdes is such a dynamic and transformative community. I am exited to be a part of a new chapter and explore the possibilities and impact on individuals and the broader community.

Kate Dennis

I am excited about the new beginning of our church and church community, sharing as a family, strengthened by the love of God!

Kimberly Parrish

I am exited for the opportunity to positively impact Christian lives for generations.

Lee Eaglin

For nearly 20 years, Our Lady of Lourdes and its community have played a generous and important role in my life. It is now time for me to contribute, in any way I can, to its bright and dynamic future.

Philip Verre

I am excited about the growth of the church and the surrounding community.

Adrian Gibson

What excites me about Lourdes is the spirit in the atmosphere that positively provokes me to be a better Christian. I leave church feeling motivated be better, do better, and to serve better.

Paul Young

I am excited to participate in the growth and expansion of Our Lady of Lourdes, the first African-America Catholic Church in Atlanta. Lourdes’ mission has been sustained for 106 years and continues its mission of social justice. This is exciting!

Geraldine Jackson-White


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